Stamping flange Gost12820 EN1092

Stamping flange blank is an important process in the production of flange, stamping flange blank quality is directly related to the quality of the finished flange. Therefore, we must strictly control these levels, here we will understand what is the process of vacuum stamping flange?Stamping flange Gost12820 EN1092Wilson pipeline 


Stamping flange is more thiner thicknes of  Gost12820 EN1092 it can used in the low pressure pipeline seal for saving cost.

1. mold design.
Designed according to different materials, different thicknesses and different materials to ensure the safety and performance of the product.

2. Selection of equipment.
The raw materials must be selected from well-known manufacturers of high-quality carbon steel or alloy steel products.

3. Heat treatment of forgings.
Forgings must be hardened to eliminate forging stress and complete hardened soxhlet organization.

4. The process is complete.
The use of manual descaling, shot blasting pretreatment (to remove oxide), and after some manual polishing and mechanical polishing to obtain a mirror surface.

5. Sample inspection of finished products.
According to the national standard gb-2010 “pipe room temperature tensile test method”.

6. Production process control points: 1.
1 raw materials for plant inspection; 2 in the product; 3 heat; 4 together; 5 complete; 6 complete product inspection and packaging, etc.

7. Content management is good.
1 must check the physical and chemical properties before storing them; 2 quality control and documentation for each process; 3 The length of the finished product is controlled within ± 0.2mm; 4 the number of each group should not exceed 5.