The industrial metal pipe fittings industry market prospects

 The downstream applications of industrial metal pipe fittings are extensive and involve the major industries of the national economy. Among them, petrochemical, nuclear power, thermal power, shipbuilding and military industries are the representative industries for their applications, especially the application of special metal fittings in these industries. . Through the analysis of industrial metal pipe fittings in several key industries and demand forecast application of the foreseeable future market prospects.

1. petrochemical industry

Industrial pipe and pipe fittings as a mass transfer equipment in the pipe equipment, oil refining, chemical equipment for an important segment of the field. Commonly used industrial metal pipe materials are stainless steel, carbon steel, etc., are widely used in oil refining, chemical production in the pipeline connection, the other materials are titanium, aluminum, nickel, zirconium, etc., usually selected for specific use tube material . In recent years, refining, petrochemical enterprises to increase production capacity to intensify the transformation of large-scale, new large-scale oil refining, chemical engineering projects have been prepared by the localization of oil hydrogenation equipment and successively developed ethylene cracking and subsequent processing of key equipment Pulling, China’s refining, chemical production equipment manufacturing industry is growing rapidly. As the long-term operation of petrochemical equipment in high temperature or low temperature, high pressure, strong corrosion and other special circumstances, special metal materials in the petrochemical equipment in the proportion of demand for high, the current petrochemical industry, industrial metal fittings in the proportion of special metal pipe is about 50 / RTI & gt; With the increase in the proportion of poor use of crude oil, hydrogenation technology to promote the application of long-distance oil and gas pipeline construction, new coal chemical industry to accelerate the development trend of the application of special metal fittings will be more and more widely. The traditional single anti-corrosion technology and materials can not meet the needs of the development of oil and gas fields, therefore, oil and gas fields on the high steel grade, high corrosion resistance, low temperature and other pipe needs continue to increase. As the oil and gas field medium composition, pressure, temperature and other large difference between the corrosion environment, a large number of high corrosion resistance alloy will cause increased production costs and corrosion of the waste of alloy materials, so the development of both oil and gas fields to ensure safety and transportation, A new type of bimetallic composite materials has become the focus of the major oil and gas companies, bimetallic composite pipe and pipe products, the market demand is also the market demand is very high. getting bigger. “Petroleum and chemical industry,” second five “plan” forecast, “second five” during the industry average growth rate will remain at 10% or more to petrochemical industry, industrial metal pipe industry, the average annual growth rate of 10% and special metal pipe fittings A conservative estimate than 50% in 2015, China’s petrochemical industry, industrial metal pipe fittings and special metal pipe market size will reach 40 billion yuan and 20 billion yuan.

2. coal chemical industry

China’s coal reserves are rich, accounting for 11.60% of the world’s total coal reserves. Since the founding of the country’s primary energy production and consumption of coal in the long-term ratio of more than 70%. According to the Ministry of Land and Resources data, as of the end of 2010, China’s total coal resources forecast of about 5.6 trillion tons, of which 1340.83 billion tons of resources have been identified. Relying on the rich coal resources, China’s coal chemical industry has been a good development. “Eleventh Five-Year” period, China’s coal chemical engineering construction total investment of about 500 billion yuan, China’s nitrogen fertilizer, calcium carbide, coke and other traditional coal chemical products production capacity, continue to rank in the world. At the same time, with the role of oil substitution of new coal chemical technology has made great progress, driven by high oil prices, the emerging coal chemical industry is the emergence of rapid development momentum. “Twelfth Five-Year” period of coal chemical industry investment will be China’s coal chemical metal pipe fittings and special metal pipe to bring new market demand.

3. nuclear power industry

In the construction of nuclear power, fluid gas delivery requires the use of a large number of industrial pipelines, pipe connections to use a large number of pipe fittings. The medium of the nuclear tube is mainly composed of saturated steam, condensed water, radioactive water vapor heavy water, irradiation corrosive substance, radioactive medium, dilute sulfuric acid and lye, carbon dioxide, sodium, helium, oil and vacuum. Special, complex, harsh, coupled with a large amount of large, demanding, so a large number of nuclear power fittings using nickel-based alloys, titanium, zirconium and other special metal materials. In recent years, China’s nuclear power infrastructure investment accelerated. According to China Electricity Council statistics, in 2011 China’s nuclear power infrastructure investment reached 74 billion yuan, from 2007 to 2011, the average annual growth rate of nuclear power investment of more than 70%. From the perspective of China’s energy demand and supply situation, the development of nuclear power is an inevitable choice to ensure energy security in China. In October 2012, the State Council approved the “Mid- and Long-Term Development Plan for Nuclear Power (2011-2020)”, Kilowatts of nuclear power installed capacity of the target, under construction nuclear power installed capacity will be slightly more than 20 million kilowatts is expected in 2015 China’s nuclear power with industrial metal fittings and special metal fittings market capacity will reach 2.9 billion and 1.7 billion. The market of nuclear power fittings is divided into two parts: pipe fittings and pipe fittings. Many enterprises make petrochemical and thermal power market for a long time. The production technology is mature and it is easier to enter the nuclear power market after upgrading according to the nuclear power quality assurance system. At present, there are nearly 20 domestic and foreign manufacturers of pipe fittings which are qualified to participate in nuclear power projects. Chinese and foreign enterprises basically share half of the country, but foreign integrated group companies possess nuclear island main steam piping and fittings experience, Grade pipe market, the vast majority of domestic enterprises can only provide the nucleus level 2, level 3 of pipe fittings.

4. thermal power industry

Thermal power plants require a significant amount of pressure piping and fittings to carry high-temperature fluids. In order to improve the efficiency of coal-fired power generation and protect the ecological environment, China has vigorously developed super-critical thermal power units with low coal consumption, low pollution and high efficiency in recent years. Thermal power units Industrial metal pipe fittings, especially those used in the four major thermal power plant pipe (main steam pipe, reheat steam pipe hot section, reheat steam pipe cold section and high pressure water supply pipe) to be subject to long-term high temperature and high pressure steam and high-speed fluid substances Erosion corrosion, the quality of the four major pipeline operation is essential. With the development of large-capacity, high-parameter, ultra-supercritical and water-saving environment-friendly units, the four large pipe fittings are required to increase the caliber and have better performance of high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance and corrosion resistance. , The use of P91, P92, P22 and WB36 have excellent heat resistance, high pressure performance of special metal materials, special metal pipe fittings are used for a large number of supercritical, supercritical parameters such as thermal power units in the pipeline.

5. shipbuilding industry

As an important component of marine pipeline system, industrial metal pipe fittings are widely used in ships and offshore engineering equipment, and play the role of fluid and gas medium transportation. By the impact of the global economic crisis lag, the international shipping market downturn, China’s shipbuilding industry, industrial output growth slowed, but overall to maintain growth. The marine engineering equipment industry, as the material and technical foundation for the development and utilization of marine resources, has become the most promising field in the field of shipbuilding in the context of the increasing importance of continental shelf resources in China.

Marine and marine engineering in the fluid, gas medium, including crude oil, chemical gases and other corrosive substances, while the ship metal pipe fittings exposed to long-term humid air, marine equipment, pipe fittings need to be soaked in seawater, so strong corrosion resistance Of the special metal materials such as titanium, nickel-based alloys have been gradually applied to ship metal pipe fittings, especially marine equipment, metal pipe manufacturing.

6. the military industry

Military industry is a typical high-end equipment manufacturing industry, not only assume the transformation of China’s manufacturing industry an important task, but also China’s core science and technology source and driving force, is the future independent intellectual property rights and patents, the main creator. Military equipment, including military aircraft, aircraft carriers, nuclear submarines, military ships, tanks and so on. Military industry is the earliest use of special metal materials industry, and then gradually into the special metal materials, chemical, civil nuclear power, thermal power, ships and other fields.Pipe fittings as an important part of the military equipment pipeline system, but also a large number of special metal materials used to support military equipment to high-tech, modern direction.