European customers have long been known for their meticulous product requirements.、In recent years, China’s manufacturing industry has not only controlled production costs, but also invested heavily in technology, which has led to a big improvement in product quality.A large number of foreign customers have shaken off the impression that Chinese products represent cheap and inferior quality, and there is a growing belief in China’s ability to produce cost-effective products of equal quality and price.

As a pipe fitting manufacturer in China, Cangzhou Wilson Pipeline also follows the general trend of manufacturing upgrading in China and further improves its technology research and development capability.This time, the Dutch customer requires a batch of special flanges and pipe fittings to be used in the heat transfer equipment project in that country. After several technical meetings with the customer, our company successfully produced the flanges and pipe fittings that meet the customer’s requirements and all passed the acceptance.The success of this cooperation makes us firmly believe that Cangzhou Wilson Pipeline products with technology upgrade can meet the high standards of European customers.