ASME B16.47 S30408 Steel Pipe Flanges MSSSP-44

Pipe Flanges and Flange Fittings ASME B16.47 Large Diameter Steel Pipe Flanges MSSSP-44 Steel Pipe Flanges JISB2220 Japanese Steel Pipe Flanges JIS B2238 British Standard BS1560 BS4504 German Standard DIN2527 DIN2573 DIN2627 DIN2638 DIN2673 DIN2653 DIN26415 DIN656 DIN26412656` DIN26412656`. ……According to different customer requirements, we adopt China GB, GB/T, HGJ, SHJ, JB, American ANSI, ASTM, MSS, Japanese JIS, international ISO standards for each design and manufacture.

American standard S30408 ​​high pressure flange covers high pressure flange not only save space and reduce weight but more importantly ensure that gasket parts do not leak and have good sealing performance. Lamination method: as usual without chuck, suitable for the inner round edge of thick wall pipe. The construction method introduces this neck flange structure, plunge work step and force calibration. Welded neck flanges for medium and high pressure pipe joints, butt weld flanges are generally at least PN2.5MPa, the use of butt weld is to reduce the stress concentration. Also, welded flange welding installation requires double-sided flange welding, so the welding flange installation costs, labor costs and auxiliary materials costs are higher because it is more than one process. The construction method of repeatedly welding the head to the receiving ball has the following problems: first, increasing the labor intensity of workers; second, it has high consumables, large equipment and high cost.